3rd time lucky

Weather is hampering play and with Hownam being on the edge of the Cheviots it can be challenging getting there in this weather but perseverance!

Lynne defrosted me with tea and biscuits followed by a tour of the farm followed by more tea. Lots have been written about what Lynne has taken on but I was excited to meet my 1st Alpacas, Tenzing, Yehudi, Graffiti, Monty & Sam and secondly see what the plans are for the accommodation ohh and sneak in ginger pig cuddles!


This actually Dere Street looking back to Jedburgh, I was so long at Beirhope it was almost dark going home – but what a view and one of the many trails on Lynne’s doorstep, this one connect Lynne towards Harden Mains

On my way there stopped at Whitton Edge again part of Dere Street which is an old Roman road, parts of which are still used as carriage way but large parts are now the domain of walkers and riders,


I have a new found love for Alpacas and the beautiful wild Cheviot hills, can’t wait to go back and see the progress at the farm, so many trails to ride and breathtaking scenery!





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