A face for radio

I hate, hate, hate getting my photo taken. I have an innate ability to blink, gurn, sneeze, yawn, look away or any combination of the above when there is a camera pointed in my direction.

So much to my relief, any press so far have not used the photos taken of me for articles and once again I managed to swerve the camera by doing a couple of publicity pieces for BBC Radio Borders and the Out of Doors BBC magazine programme.

I thought I was going to be horrific and was slightly apprehensive as I walked up towards the Eildons to meet up with Mark Stephen for an early morning radio interview. How wrong was I, it was actually quite enjoyable just chatting away while we walked, trying not to get tripped up by the dog! Mark is lovely, putting me at ease from the get-go. If you want to listen to my ramblings  they are here for a short while https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09xv57v


If you fancy an early morning on a Saturday then I strongly urge you to listen to out of doors, it’s a great listen and if 6 am is not your thing, there is listen again.




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