Stormy Irene

More trail surveys today, started from Yair and picked up the Southern Upland Way from Yair bridge and up to the 3 Brethren and onto Minch Moor.


3 brethens.jpg
3 Brethren in better weather. Photo by Sheila Shell (Wiltonburn B&B)


It started well, lovely and sunny up through the forest which is a mix of FC plantings and some native woodland on the edges for a nice bit of variety. Got closer to the top of the moor and things were getting decidedly windy!

Don’t be fooled by the sunny skies storm Irene had hit the Borders and wow was she mad, almost got blown off the top! I took video which was beautiful but pointless as all you could hear was the roar of 35 mph winds.


Standard Bearers dating back to 1960 (although the Common Riding itself is over 400 years old)

The views are worth the ride up alone, I, however, needed to get on and head toward Micnchm Moor and onwards to Traquair. As you can see below it is a well-defined track and it is well signed as it is part of the Southern Upland Way.


Towards Traquair



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