Busy busy busy

It’s been a while but things have been hectic here at #RSHC HQ. The now departed summer weather meant less trail surveys as it was almost too hot (the irony!) and on with other exciting developments.



It has been the goal that this site would be a temporary staging post and we would have a fancy all bells and whistles website so you can search routes, accommodation and things like food and supplies. Exciting news, that is almost complete…

Along with that we have been doing some filming to capture some of the highlights of the Scottish Borders. That has been interesting. Venue 1 – we had the drone company ready to go, we had a horse and a rider ready to go, we were just waiting on final landowner permission. We got the permission then the horse had a foot abscess.


Move to venue 2 – we had all 3 of the above requirements then the rider took a tumble from her other horse and bumped her head (all fine now) so we decided not to waste the opportunity and filmed with Beirhope Alpacas instead!


Venue 3 –  this proved more of a success and we got some great footage with Sheila Shell of Wiltonburn Farm just outside Hawick


Back to venue 1 and we now have all 3 elements in place but the weather seems to be against us, still we are assured summer will make 1 last attempt next week… Currently scoping a 4th venue.


We have some new exciting accomodations coming on line as well which is great and offering yet another alternative for riders and their horses, the variety and choice is never ending here in the Borders although there is one thing guaranteed in all of them a warm welcome, great local knowledge and fantastic locations.

This blog will be moving to the new website and will be updated in the News section, keep an eye out for that…


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